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Skierniewice, 10.12.2009


In reply to the material aired in the TVN “UWAGA” program on December 3 and 9, 2009, Stowarzyszenie Branzy Grzybow Uprawnych [Association of Mushroom Growers] expresses outrage and opposition to the manipulation of facts, which are detrimental to our industry in Poland and abroad.

The unparalleled attack on one of the leading mushroom companies – Uprawa Pieczarek Myszkowiec Sp. z o.o. in Parczewo, which was referred to as a “labor camp” without any reliable data to justify such an accusation, is saddening and puzzling.

An independent witness, ed. Andrzej Dejneka, describes what happened behind the scenes of the TVN program in the 49th issue of the WSPOLNOTA PARCZEWSKA newspaper. Ed. A. Dejneka, who watched the TV crew preparing for going live, summarizes his report as follows: “The Parczewo inhabitants, who saw how the TV crew had worked, were disappointed and amazed at the aggressive behavior of the production manager and the reporter, Ryszard Cebula.”

The Myszkowiec company is famous around Europe for the top quality of its products. It also holds appropriate food safety certificates and maintains related welfare facilities [locker rooms, canteen, laundry room]. The mushrooms are picked in air-conditioned rooms, which provide not only optimal conditions for growing mushrooms, but also comfortable working conditions for the staff. However, no one in the world has ever been able to control the production of mushrooms to ensure that they mature for sale as regularly as clockwork. Overtime work has to be taken into account in this type of production and people who decide to work as mushroom pickers are informed about it. Wages offered by the company in question are based on the piecework system. The rates for picking a kilogram of mushrooms are comparable to those offered by other, similar companies. Some internet users even argue that they are higher.

Using the expression “labor camp” in this context is highly unfair to Mr. Waldemar Myszkowiec, who has created hundreds of workplaces in this unemployment-stricken region.

On December 9, the host of “UWAGA” ended the program by asking the entrepreneurs to be decent and sensitive. We ask the same from the program authors.

Dr. Krystian Szudyga

Association President

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